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  • The praying moms pray every morning from 8 to 9 in the chapel.
  • On Wednesdays after devotion, the teachers pray together regarding certain topics and requests.  Pastor Clarke leads this time of prayer.
  • Every Thursday is "unity prayer" day.  The learners take hands (symbolizing standing in unity before God) in united prayer during registration period.  The teachers do the same during their devotion before school starts.
  • There is a prayer box in Reception, in the Computer Room, in the Science Laboratory and in the English Classroom.  Learners may put their prayer requests in the prayer boxes and a prayer team consisting of learners, teachers and parents pray for these requests.


Bible Education is taught during one period every week. The Foundation Phase follows lessons from the EVANGELI workbook. Grade 4-7 lessons are based on practical discussions based on the Bible.  The learners must learn memory verses that count for marks for every Bible Education period.


The Royal Servants were started in 1998 by Mrs Sharon Bennet and Mrs Ella Jansen van Vuuren. The idea was to expose our learners to people who are less privileged and to encourage and serve them. The first Royal Servants was a small, very disciplined and a well-trained group of learners.

Presently, our school serves the community through our Royal Servants program. Learners volunteer to become members of the Royal Servants. The Royal Servants group visity orphanages, old age homes and also does mission work. This also equips our learners to become unselfish and teaches them to serve.

The Royal Servants group stands, at this moment, at 55 learners. They are divided into 4 phases, Sowers, Reapers, Malabeth Abadim and Leader group. Our aim is to minister in the local community by means of encouragement and by spreading the Gospel. The membership fee is R400 per year. To register as a Sower a person must learn certain memory verses, attend an interview and attend an orientation course. It is also compulsory to wear the Royal Servant T-shirt during outreaches. The members receive a scroll for 3 years faithful service.

Sowers has 1 sleepover per year. Reapers has two sleepovers away. Malabeth Abadim goes on a tour outreach every year.

Our Ministry-02
Our Ministry-01


The Little Christians were started by Mrs Petra Du Preez at the request of many Foundation Phase children who wanted to join the Royal Servants, but were too young.  The number of children is growing rapidly.  God is doing wonderful work in their midst.  Many teachers are involved.


Harvest Christian School celebrates Ascension Day with the releasing of 25 white doves. We have decided not to release the balloons due to the way they pollute and destroy our environment.

We use the white doves as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. This reminds us that Jesus arose from the grave and will one day return to fetch His people. We will live with him forever.

We used the white doves to symbolise the purity of our Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus was baptised, God sent a white dove to symbolise His presence and favour with His Son, Jesus Christ. When Jesus left earth He left the Holy Spirit with His followers.

As the doves fly up into the sky, we are reminded that Jesus rose from the grave and then went up into the clouds when He ascended into heaven.

Christians look forward to Jesus returning to receive us to himself to live with Him forever.

Ascension Day-01
Ascension Day-02


The Grade 7 learners do the Purity Course every year as part of Bible Education curriculum during the last term. During the Grade 7 Valediction, they make a commitment in the presence of their parents and teachers to stay sexually pure until they are married.


  1. I choose to fear God in my words, deeds and thoughts because I know I am firstly accountable to Him.
  2. I choose to follow the good advice from the Bible, my parents and spiritual mentors concerning friendships and relationships.
  3. I choose not to compromise godly values and to be careful to enter situations where I may be tempted to do so.
  4. I choose to keep myself pure for my future spouse, whom I believe, God has already set aside for me.


Lord Jesus,

Please show me Your ways, teach me Your paths and guide me in Your truth.

Guard my life from evil, from my own foolish and wrong choices and rescue me from the snare, for I take refuge in You.

Remember not the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways; according to your love remember me.

Do not let my family and I be put to shame,nor let my enemies triumph over me.

Let my life be meaningful and pleasing to You.

Create in me a pure heart, O' God.  Renew a right spirit within me. Restore to me again the joy of Your salvation, and make me willing to obey you.

In Jesus Name I pray. Amen


Learners, teachers and staff who need counselling may approach Pastor Johan Clarke who is the Spiritual head of the school. They may be referred to Pastor Kenneth Mulaudzi, Mr Werner van der Walt who are all part of the staff of the school or they may be referred to someone at Frontline Church.

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