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No school can be seen to offer a well-balanced extra-mural programme without the inclusion of Cultural Activities. At Harvest Christian School, Cultural activities are part of the partnership with the Academic and Sporting disciplines.

Outlet for creativity and intellectual stimulation

This partnership is crucial for the development of the whole child. It not only provides an outlet for creativity but also one of intellectual stimulation. All learners are encouraged to participate in the various cultural activities on offer. The happy, fulfilled child is the one who learns to dance, draw, paint, play, sing, act, recite, speak in public and generally have a great time with other learners, in an environment that is conducive to developing their talents.

Harvest Christian School - Cultural Plate Art
Harvest Christian School - Art

Invaluable way of building self-confidence and self esteem

There are learners who prefer participating in Cultural Activities rather than in sport. This provides a suitable arena for the development of their talents. When a ‘non-sport’ learner is acknowledged for participation and achievement in Cultural activities, it is an invaluable way of building self-confidence and self-esteem. Often a hidden talent is revealed, developed and celebrated, providing the learner with much needed recognition by their teachers, parents and peers.

We celebrate our learner's achievements

At Harvest Christian School, we participate in an annual Alberton Eisteddfod. This affords every learner the opportunity to perform before an audience in an environment of healthy competition with their peers, as well as other schools in the area. We celebrate our learner’s achievements at an awards evening, where learners who have achieved exceptional results are able to showcase their talents before family, friends and peers.

Developing God-given talents

The cultural aspect of Harvest Christian School plays a vital role in school life. It is an area of social development, sharing of talents and teamwork. It provides every child, from Grade R through to Grade 7, with the opportunity to develop their God-given talents.

Harvest Christian School - Craft
Harvest Christian School - Acting
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