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Grade 7 Entrepreneur’s Day 2018

Harvest Christian School - Grade 7 Entrepreneur’s Day 2018

The Grade 7’s of Harvest Christian School hosted the annual Entrepreneur’s Day on the 7th September 2018. The Grade 7 students were divided into groups of 6 learners in preparation for the big day. The entrepreneur’s day counted towards the student’s Term 3 EMS mark. The aim of the entrepreneur’s day is for the students to experience the world of business and the challenges and difficulties thereof.

Each group member was assigned a role namely: General manager, financial manager, marketing manager, purchasing manager, event manager and production manager.

All the groups were vibrant and energetic on the day, displaying their hard work and planning. The customers (the students of Harvest Christian School) showed great support by buying delicious food, sweets and participated in fun games that the grade 7’s had to offer.

The 2018 entrepreneur’s day was once again a great success.

Thank you to all involved.