School times for Grade RR are from 07h40 - 13h14 every day.


It is important to send your little one to school before they start Grade 1.  They will become familiar with the routines and surroundings of formal schooling within a more nurturing environment.  They are prepared socially and a good foundation is established for formal education. This will relieve some stress when starting school in Grade 1.

The RR area operates as part of the school, but little ones are taught in one of the three classrooms that are fenced off from the rest of the school-grounds with their own play area and bathrooms.

We encourage a love for learning and try to inspire confidence in our pupils, within a Christian framework.  We aim to inspire them to become enthusiastic and willing learners - whether they are completing puzzles, singing, painting or attending lessons in Mathematics, Literacy and Life Skills.

Harvest Christian School - Pre Primary Art with Food
Harvest Christian School - Pre Primary Art


External Service Providers:

Extramural activities for Grade RR and Grade R which are part of the school day include:

Playball: Contact Debbie on 082 684 9245

Aftercare: Contact Mrs Gina Damianou on 082 554 8075


Harvest Christian School is committed to building a firm foundation: spiritually, academically and socially into our children. We therefore encourage our students by their involvement in:

  • Assembly
  • Morning devotion
  • Disipleship
  • Bible Education


The students help with donations towards the following community service/outreach projects:


  • Hammanskraal to Pastor Khoza (church and community up-liftment)
  • Hands outstretched (Donations of food and clothing for the under priviledged)

Charitable Projects:

  • AACL (Animal Anti Cruely League)
  • Blanket drive in winter
  • Food and clothing donations

Old Age Homes:

  • Jafta Old Age Home
  • Reuven Old Age Home
  • Glenzicht


  • TLC
  • Door of Hope


Mrs M. Warne<br>
HOD Foundation Phase
Mrs M. Warne
HOD Foundation Phase
Mrs S. Botten<br>
Grade RA Teacher
Mrs S. Botten
Grade RA Teacher
Ms R. Scorgie<br>
Grade RB Teacher
Ms R. Scorgie
Grade RB Teacher
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