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Harvest Christian School - Sports


At Harvest we consider sport an integral part of the child’s development. It is as necessary to develop the body as it is to develop the mind and spirit. Movement is essential for growth and learning to take place. In today’s society of children, the school has to assist with movement, as this is restricted in the age of technology.

Participation in sport is encouraged

At Harvest mass participation in sport is encouraged and healthy competition is provided for during sport practise. Sport is beneficial to reduce the risk of obesity in our students. It also develops healthy and strong bodies and improves sleep and the ability to relax.

Harvest Christian School - Soccer
Harvest Christian School - Teamwork

Vital for co-operation, confidence and leadership

We view social skills, which are developed and improved on during sporting activities, as vital for co-operation, confidence and possibly leadership. Once again technology and social media robs children of interactive communication, so we purposefully need to develop interaction, sport is a great way to encourage this interaction and communication.

Sport encourages perseverance

Sport encourages children to persevere and this is healthy for all aspects of education. Perseverance assist with self-esteem being improved. Due to the fact that children enjoy playing, sport plays a part in a child’s happiness.

Improved academics and healthy lifestyle choices

It has been found that children who take part in sport generally do better at school. The skills involved are beneficial to concentration and a good work ethic. Children who become involved I sport generally see the importance of physical activity throughout their lives and make healthy lifestyle choices.

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